Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Tip - The Eyes Have It

I take loads of photos but I think my favorites to take are of the "up close and in your face" type. When I 'm able to take these of human subjects I try to focus on their eyes because the eyes tell the story. When photographing people and animals, everything else can be hidden or cropped out: the mouth, the nose, the hair. But the eyes must be visible. You must try your best to make the eyes as sharp as possible because if the eyes look sharp, the rest of the photo will appear so even if it's not.


  1. These are Beautiful Brenda...absolutely gorgeous...hughugs

  2. Great tip and lovely young ladies!

  3. I always find taking good potraits are many times more difficult than landscape. Great to get this tip from you. I will try it out. Love these 2 portraits that you share. My portraits always turn out blurish. I like to use the Aperture setting when taking potraits, so that I can have a bokeh in the background. But whenever my subject moves, my portrait would be blur. It's difficult to capture children when they usually don't stay still for my shots! A lot more for me to learn. Sigh!