Saturday, August 23, 2008

Editing Digital

I'm as serious as a Saint when I say that digital photos sometimes are only as good as the photo editing software that you have, ask any photographer, professional or otherwise, and they'll agree. I'd like to say I have the best software but I don't, and I probably never will, some of it is just too expensive for my budget. But just about any editing software will do the basics, there's even some free stuff out there that's pretty durn good for that.

Most often, the photos that I edit only need a little sharpening, and it's really a good thing that just a little is all that's needed, because I don't know how to do much else so I only sharpen photos that aren't blurry but just need a tiny click to keep the edges from blending in with the background. Too much sharpening can make your photos appear noisy and just defeats the whole purpose.

Anyway, what I was getting to, in my meandering way, was to say, Don't be afraid to use the software that came with your camera, that's what it's there for! Play with it, learn, and when you learn all you can about it, teach me!

I once used Microsoft PictureIt photo editing software, but Microsoft made it obsolete and for some reason, although I bought the product, and registered the product, used the product for almost 6 years, it suddenly wouldn't run on my computer anymore. I don't know if one of their "famous" Windows updates screwed it up, or what, but I really, really, miss that little program. It was also great for making graphics (headers and stuff) because it was so user friendly.

So, I bought Paint Shop Pro 9. It's a nice program, reasonably priced, but it takes more brain cells to operate than I have available so I can only do the most basic operations with it. If anyone knows all the tricks this program has to offer, I'm a willing learner if you can keep it simple! :-)

Another editing program that I sometimes use, and it's free to download, is I still haven't learned much other than the basics with it either, but I can use it for making banners and for tweaking graphics without having a frezied fit, most of the time.

Someday I'd love to learn to use these programs to make some of the wonderful photographic art that I've seen out and about online. Maybe,,, someday. This guy's work facinates me, it's odd to the max but SO interesting and artistic.


  1. I currently use Photoshop Elements. I used to use the high-powered Photoshop (now called the CS3 program), but it won't load on my new computer. DH got it to load on his and we have identical computers - go figure! It is an old, old version so there may be some incompatibilities with Vista. Elements doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the version that the pros use, but it still has enough for me. At $100, most people can afford it. I recommend it for the serious ametuer photographer.

  2. I've got Photoshop Elements 6 but I know ZIP about it!!hahaha...I DO know it'll let me email within the program and share...that's nice! I could Never hope to do the kind of editing "that other guy" does...WoW!! Happy day sweetie!hughugs

  3. I used Picture It forever until it wouldn't run on the newer systems. I use the upgrade now Digital Image Pro and I love it. I have version 7 and 9 ... but love 7 the best because it most like the old Picture it.

  4. I couldn't live without Picasa. It is a free download from Google. It organizes all the photos on your computer, too. So I can add a little caption, like a person's name, then later do a search and find exactly what I'm looking for. It has all the basic editing, cropping, color correction, fill light, and much more. I love it.

    Having said that, I did invest in Photoshop and love love love learning all it has to offer.

  5. This is great. I have used HP photoshop, but now I have a new laptop and I'be been wondering what to get.
    This helps!

  6. May I suggest trying the free software that comes with Picasa web album? It is free and useer-friendly. It comes with many useful features for photo editing. Just Google for it.