Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First By A Dummy Tips

My first From a Dummy tip is really simple,

In order to take good photos, you have to actually TAKE photos. Don't leave your camera at home in a drawer, take it with you.


Every time.

Get in the habit of grabbing it if you're going outdoors, or if you're going shopping, you never know what you'll see and it's better to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it. My camera goes everywhere with me except to the bathroom and it's even been in there a few times when the kids were making mustaches and beards out of soap bubbles (couldn't pass that shot up!)


Aim your digital camera at your subject and press your capture button down just a little, this allows your camera to focus, looking at your LCD screen you will see your subject come in sharp and clear, if it doesn't, don't push the capture button all the way down cause you'll end up with a blurred photo. But if it looks sharp enough, click all the way.

And keep practicing, it might take a few snaps before you get the hang of how much pressure you can put on the button to focus without it taking the picture until you're ready.


  1. Good tips! Congrats on starting a new blog devoted to photography!

  2. Thanks for the tips. We now have two cameras - and hopefully one will be where the great shots are.

    I'm really big on cropping when I get a good shot. It makes it so much easier for me when I know I can cut out the parts that don't matter.

    Good luck with this new blog site.

  3. Well, look at you, and by George you are no dummy!! I've already just now learned why my photo's are blurry at times. Thank YOU!! You're always so helpful. :)

  4. my big hint..more of my own personal preference is to FILL THE FRAME and be mindful of the background ya don't want a light pole emerging from your subjects head.

  5. I love your new blog ~ I will be back to visit again!!
    love and hugs XXXX

  6. Tips from a WHAT?????? DUMMY????? Oh GIRL!!! We 'gonna HAVE to Have a TALK 'bout This Title!!!!Hahahaha....I'm thinking about the name...Clear Expressions!!! That's how I SEE Your photos!!! They are Beautiful!!!....dummy...indeed...You better be Glad I don't live next door!!!!Hahahaha....hughugs

  7. Was the name a twist on the "for Dummies" series, because you are certainly no dummy!

    Glad you've started this. Sadly, the focus tip won't work for me because... well here's my tip...

    Hang on to your camera!
    I dropped mine less than a foot last Christmas... on a carpeted stair. It hit on the corner of my camera, and my beautiful LCD screen was gone! Now I have to peer through that little hole.

    Nita Jo

  8. That is a good tip, because I always tend to press down on the button too hard. Splains some of my bad pics!

  9. My answer to Moma Grits... depends on who the subject is... some heads might benefit.
    Good for you, Brenda... glad you are doing this.