Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo Challenge: A Little Bit of My World

I must stay busy today so I've been doing the planning for our next Challenge.  I'm giving extra time for everyone to think on it with plenty of time left to take their pictures.  Get those cameras ready and let's take pictures of what you see around you every day.
Pick your own little spots in your part of the world and start snapping.

Maybe you'll choose your house,,or your yard.

Or maybe just a room, or two.  Perhaps where you buy food, or clothes, your neighborhood, or town, or in the countryside if you live there.  Whatever you choose, have fun with it, that's the only rule for this challenge.
Then have your shots ready for us to view on Saturday, March 24th.  Click the blue link button below and add your site information to make it easy for us.

Happy Shooting!!


  1. Oops!! Maybe I don't understand this challenge. Do I post a link to "my part of the world" now? Or, am I supposed to wait to enter the challenge until March 24? As I click on #1 & #2 it is linked to their "favorite things". #3 is a bad link. #4 & #5 seem to be a general link to their blogs. So, if you could clairfy this to me I would appreciate it as I would enjoy participating. :-)

  2. OOOOPS, I changed my link from Out on the Prairie to Steve. Thanks Donna for the heads up, i was wondering why nobody came in to me. HA! the other was a wierd adult site called bloogspot. Guess a typo can get one in trouble.