Saturday, August 20, 2011

Photo Challenge: Portraits

It's that time again.  Time to post our challenge pictures so we can all enjoy and learn from each other.  Don't forget to hop over to our Challenge Blog and click on the links below the post to view everyone's contributions.

Jilly Beans sticking her tongue out at the camera,,,,,well it better be the camera!

Our lovely Jordan who's 13.
Here's our Chick (aka Alexis)

Look at Jaylen's smile! SO sweet!

My handsome son.

Here are links to some other portraits that I've taken in the past and am quite proud of.

Pretty little redheaded girl who lived next door to my sister.

"Little Gardner"  Zach when he was 11.

"Lola"  the Chick playing dress up.

Now, gonna sip my coffee and visit all the other challengers.  Happy Saturday!


  1. Ahhhhh! These are Beautiful Brenda! And you Know how much I like the little red headed neighbor's photos you've done!
    What a Beautiful family you have there girl!
    And I DO think the tongue was meant for...the camera!!!Hahaaaaa
    Happy weekend!
    I'm sitting this one out...What a week...

  2. Very nice! When i saw the first one I thought of the girls playing in the mud.

  3. Beautiful faces ... great portrait pictures!

  4. What a terrific selection of portraits. Such bright, young faces! And your son is handsome, LOL. Gracious, you must have had him when you were 10 years old!

    Hey, did you realize that you posted this on the photo challenge blog instead of your own blog? LOL, you must have been in a hurry or sleepy when you did it!

  5. So darn cute all of them Brenda!

  6. Donna, I noticed the same thing but then Again, I thought it just must have been me!!!Hahaaa

  7. I've been swearing a blue streak about Blogger this morning, then I realized what I'd done. I was tired and hurrying. I'm a dingbat! LOL

  8. You're not a dingbat!! I love these photos; each and everyone in your family are gorgeous in their own way! :)

  9. LOL!! I'm laughin' at the chick as Lola. I didn't know you had photo's there, Ms Brenda, but they're great!!

    Have a good weekend, I hope it's relaxing for you. ((hugs))

  10. You did a beautiful job on all those portraits, Ms. Brenda! Mines up now...a little late!

  11. What fun! As usual, I forgot to send something. I'm so preoccupied these days. Finally got my ticket for India. Leave the 23rd of Oct for six months! Selling things on Craig's list, putting other stuff in storage, will find a much smaller place to live when I return.

  12. Such beautiful faces to photograph! They are all so photogenic!

  13. these are beautiful shots Brenda! I also like the background effect. Happy weekend!

  14. Lovely photos Brenda.
    Thanks for visiting mine too.

  15. Great portraits. I especially love the one of Jordan.

  16. Smiles are always precious to me...and kids too. You're sharing not just your portraits but LOVE.

    Thank you for an awesome challenge. I had fun.

    Great photos here. And all those who joined, have given and shared their best..i know most of it came from the heart..a PORTRAIT OF LOVE.

  17. Outstanding job as usual Ms. Brenda! I think I need a photography class LOL