Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photo Editing Links 2

Miz Cindra and

Miz Donna, allowed me to add their links here to their nifty tutorials for photo editing tricks.

If you click on each photo above, it will take you to their sites where you can learn a couple of fun things to do with your photos.

Click this photo of Paco and it will take you to an online photo editing program that's free called FotoFlexer that has loads of fun things to do.

Miz Cindra led us to gimp (click the name or the photo above to go there), a photo editing program that's free to download. is another editing program that I often use and have fun with.

I've also found some interesting tutorials at Cyperigor, and CNET Reviews that may be useful to other beginners like me.


  1. Thanks Brenda!!! Who knew that there were SO many free programs out there to use?!!!
    Can't wait to see your pictures!hughugs

  2. WOW, this is great! However (comma) I don't know nothin' 'bout no photographin'; too tired, and lazy right now. I'll bookmark this for the day when I get my groove back! :)

    LOVE the header!!

  3. Great post and resources! Thanks for plugging my little tutorial. I hope to get time to do another one this week.

  4. Oh it's your photo tips site. LOL I didn't connect the dummy reference. Good post and info.

  5. What a useful list of addresses for keen photographers!

  6. I need help and love to take pictures thus I'm bookmarking and will click each link.

    Thanks so much..

    Dorothy from grammology

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